DREAM – The WOW Organics Launch Party

“I don’t know what’s going on but I love it!”

“Did you see that?!”

“This is the best party I’ve been to!”

Just say WOW!

DREAM, Las Vegas – December 12th, 2019: Every year, thousands of cannabis and hemp industry professionals pour into Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual MJ BizCon Conference. Attendees gather from all around the world as new companies, familiar faces, and the latest and greatest meet to close out the year’s efforts and bring fresh momentum into the new year.

Our fundraiser had over 3,500 attendees, raised thousands of dollars for our Veteran nonprofits that we support, and one lucky person won an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica.

An event created for the industry we love

Live performers and acrobatic performances captivated our invited guests

What would happen if you were caught between reality and a lucid dream? What would you see? What if you were transported to another world?

The goal? Create a networking spectacle that’s less “stand in a room and drink” and more “performance art that happens to be a networking event.DREAM was a resounding success beyond all expectations.

DREAM, as a concept, was created by the same team that brought one of the most talked-about after parties to Las Vegas during MJ BizCon in 2018, Wonderland. 2019, Dan Schmink and Ashley Manning brought a new concept to the Vegas desert during MJ BizCon week.

We’re exaggerating… but only slightly.

A Networking Spectacle

A hand to hand duo started the night’s performances to a round of applause as their energy and physical prowess delighted the crowd

From beginning to end, guests were treated to acrobatic performances and visual delights to make this one of the most entertaining events during MJ BizCon Week.

DREAM is the first event from WOW Organics. In 2020, we’ll be announcing other event opportunities for companies to sponsor or support.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and community collaborations, please contact our team by clicking the button below.

Friends and Community Supporters

As a new company, we couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support from our friends and the overall industry. We made many new friends, caught up with friends and colleagues from across the nation, and we’re proud to share our company’s vision on one of the biggest nights in our industry.

More than 3,500 guests attended DREAM to support WOW Organics’ mission to help 500,000 Veterans through our low-cost, no-cost, and charitable giveback programs. This is just a starting point for a new mission and vision for the communities that we serve.

What’s Next

WOW Organics opens hemp extraction labs and manufacturing centers across the nation. Headquartered in Colorado with regional offices in the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and Oklahoma, we’re opening a WOW Organics business center near you.

We launched our company to the public this December and welcome you to join WOW Organics in our mission to nurture the local communities by empowering our Veteran and Women-led teams.

Keep your eyes and ears tuned into WOW Organics. We have much to share with you in 2020 and can’t wait to work with you.

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