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With WOW Organics, you’ll receive some of the best consultative guidance available.

The WOW Organics team includes industry leaders with over 100 years of experience covering:

  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Global hemp distribution
  • Large-scale fulfillment
  • National and global regulatory compliance
  • Processing technology

Our Guarantee – We 100% guarantee our products. We source from USDA Certified Organic farms then extract and manufacture 100% in the USA. Per batch, we confirm safety, compliance, and 0.00% THC via independent third-party testing partners. These testing results are accessible via a QR code sent with all WOW Organics products, wholesale orders, and bulk supply.

Personalized Service – The management team will always be available to talk with you, providing our years of experience and expertise to help you distribute, white label, or purchase wholesale.

Giving Back – When you work with WOW Organics, you help us reach our goal to help 500,000 Veterans. We give back to Veterans through low cost, no cost, and charitable programs. These donations directly support service member and family support programs, integrated wellness programs, career transition, and college scholarship programs for the children of current service members and Veterans

To contact the WOW Organic’s wholesale team, please enter your information in the contact form. If you prefer, please email